International Journal of Environmental Sciences
International Journal of Environmental Sciences
Published By : Research Science Press (India)
Frequency : Semi-Annual
ISSN : 2229-7356
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The International Journal of Environmental Sciences (IJES) is a biannual peer-reviewed academic journal aiming to unfold the actual environmental problems and related solutions grounded on mathematical, physical, and chemical methods at both theoretical and applicative levels of comprehension. Interdisciplinary approaches with biological, geographical, sociological and economical sciences are particularly welcome. Focused topics range but not limited to earth biota, population behavior, inter- and intra- species communications, diseases spread, ecology, toxicology, in-house, nuclear and industrial pollution, hazard waste, meteorology, oceanography, volcano and climacteric analysis, to planetary and universe formation and dynamics, astronomy and energy resources in a dynamical interaction with human and institutional acts. Occasionally, the Journal may publish proceedings of environmental related international meetings as well as topics, events or personalities celebrating special issues.