International Journal of Embedded Systems and Computer Engineering
International Journal of Embedded Systems and Computer Engineering
Published By : Research Science Press (India)
Frequency : Semi-Annual
ISSN : 0975-4482
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The International Journal of Embedded Systems and Computer Engineering is a  peer-reviewed journal. IJESC, (Includes: Real Time, hardware, software, security, wireless, computer engineering)

An embedded system is designed to perform reliably and securely with high accuracy and quality a dedicated function for specific applications. It has wide applications in automotive, consumer electronics, aero-space, medical, networks, office automation, Communication, industrial control and many others.

IJESC will publish articles in real time embedded systems hardware, software, algorithms, modeling, parallel/system on a chip architecture, design methods, tools, testing, novel applications and use of advanced technology.

Aim of IJESC is to be a bridge for communication between academics, practicing engineers, students and rapidly advancing technology. Publish articles on emerging and advancing technology, innovative research, novel industrial applications, consumer electronics, aero-space and automotive applications, standards, design tools, testing methods, government policy and related issues in real time embedded systems.
Publication will be in printed high quality paper, and on the web as on-line version. Digital copies will be available on the web (abstracts are free for access, full papers for purchase or free for subscribers). Web will have various search features.  The editorial team assures a quick review of all the articles submitted within two months and assures high quality.

Topics Coverage
• Embedded System Hardware:  DSP, FPGA, System on a chip(SoC)
• Real Time system issues
• Hardware/Software co-design
• Multiprocessor system
• Testing
• Standards and Policy Matters
• Modeling
• Performance evaluation
• Industrial Applications
• Novel Applications
• Military Embedded systems
• Networked embedded systems
• Discussion on various international Embedded System issues
• RFID, implementation and applications
• Quality and Reliability in ES
• Wireless Embedded system
• Low power systems design
• MEMS, micro electromechanical systems
• Embedded System in Instrumentation
• Job openings/advertisements
• Educational issues
• New Products Review
• Conference Announcements