International Journal of Electrical Energy Systems
International Journal of Electrical Energy Systems
Published By : International Science Press
Frequency : Semi-Annual
ISSN : 0975-7147
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The International Journal of Integrated Energy Systems is a peer-reviewed publication of technical and scientific articles. The integration of energy technologies encompasses: energy sources, energy conversion technologies, energy management in distributed power systems, energy storage technologies and systems, energy transmission and distribution, power conversion, distributed generation, industrial
resources management, and energy policy.

• Energy sources: Wind energy, solar energy (photovoltaic, thermal), energy from biomass and wastes, conventional and future fuels (hydrogen, methanol, ethanol, etc.), sea energy, hydro energy,
geothermal resources, and nuclear energy (fission and fusion).

• Energy conversion technologies: Wind turbines, photovoltaic generators, solar thermal collectors and concentrators, fuel cells, hydro and mini-hydro turbines, steam turbines, and combustion systems.

• Energy management in distributed power systems: Efficiency, environment issues, sustainability, power quality, reliability, supply safety protection, and benchmarking.

• Energy storage technologies: Batteries (NaS, Li-ion, lead-acid, metal-air), flow batteries (polysulfide bromide, vanadium redox, ZnBr), compressed air energy storage, supercapacitors, flywheels,
pumped hydro storage.

• Energy storage systems: Uninterruptible power supplies, distributed energy storage in power systems, power conversion technology in energy storing.

• Energy transmission and distribution: Distributed energy systems, power systems interconnection, HVDC (peer-to-peer and multi-terminal), AC networks control and stability, grid integration of emerging sources, clustering and islanding, micro-grids. Thermal transmission (heating systems and exchangers).

• Power conversion: High power converter, high efficiency power converter, modular power converters, power converters clustering, advanced power converter topologies.

• Control, communications, and management of distributed generators: Advanced control of distributed generators, control of distributed power plants, supervision and control of distributed power
systems,standards and regulations in distributed power systems.

• Industrial resources management: Energy and water conservation, process systems engineering, heat integration, pinch technology,energy integration of batch processes, utility systems, energy conservation
and environment protection.

• Energy policy: Energy planning, energy pricing, energy regulation,environmental impact and emissions, renewable energy policy, and energy market.

Original contributions in the field of integrated energy systems are encouraged, but not limited to the following applications: domestic, ships, aircrafts, vehicle and automotive systems, large power plants
(wind farms, solar parks, nuclear plants, thermal plants), small systems (microgrids and minigrids, energy harvesting), integrated water-energy platforms (wastewater and sewage treatment plant, desalination plants), fossil fuel power plants (steam plants, combined cycle plants, CHP). The journal is intended to promote multidisciplinary approaches enhancing efficiency of energy systems through the integration of different technologies. All the papers are subjected to a blind peer review process. Manuscripts are invited from academicians, research scholars, and scientists for publication consideration, including articles, letters, or reviews. Manuscripts submitted for consideration should report on new results and previously unpublished material. Manuscripts published or under consideration for publication elsewhere will not be considered.