Journal of Metallurgical Engineering
Journal of Metallurgical Engineering
Published By : Research Science Press (India)
Frequency : Semi-Annual
ISSN : 4421-1402
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Journal of Metallurgical Engineering (JME) is a journal for the rapid publication of experimental and theoretical investigations in the structure and properties of all science materials and their broad range of applications. Its scope encompasses all aspects of materials research, including the preparation, processing, characterization, properties and theoretical description of materials with new or unusual structure and properties.

Jornal cover areas but not limited to atomistic and electronic nature of condensed phases, their microstructure, and the relationship between their structure and properties (mechanical, chemical, electrical, magnetic and optical); on the thermodynamics, kinetics, mechanisms and modelling of processes which occur within solids, liquids and other condensed phases; on experiments and models which help in understanding the macroscopic properties of materials in terms of microscopic mechanisms; and on work which advances the understanding of the use of materials in engineering.