International Review of Atomic and Molecular Physics - IRAMP
International Review of Atomic and Molecular Physics - IRAMP
Published By : International Science Press
Frequency : Semi-Annual
ISSN : 2229-3159
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            The IRAMP is a peer reviewed international journal, created at the beginning of 2010, that publishes high-quality review articles and also high-quality original research papers. Topics of interest are all areas of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical (AMO) physics in the broadest sense. They include not only fundamental fields of AMO physics, but also applied areas, such as, for example (but not limited to):

  • atomic and molecular processes in plasmas and gases
  • optical and beam-probe nanophysics
  • plasma spectroscopy
  • X-ray lasers
  • astrophysical applications                         

            A distinctive feature of IRAMP is publishing both review articles and original research papers and having a relatively large share of the review articles in the mix. The journal is published semi-annually.

   The publication is free of charge. There is no page limit.

           A publication in the IRAMP creates a timely record of the authors results for a broad audience around the world – without preventing the authors from submitting a modified/extended article elsewhere.

  The authors learn about the acceptance of their papers within just 2 weeks from the submission.

           Each paper should be submitted electronically as 2 files (of the same content) simultaneously: a pdf-file and a source-file (such as a word-file or a LaTex-file). The e-mail address for submissions is: