International Journal of Engineering Under Uncertainty: Hazards Assessment and Mitigation
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Frequency : Semi-Annual
ISSN : 0975-4806
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Instructions to the Authors

The aim of the journal is to publish original papers on major engineering problems under uncertainty due to natural (earthquake, wind, flood, tsunami, etc.), manmade (blasts, collisions, etc.) and accidental (chemical, nuclear, etc.) hazards or due to the normal aging process. The publication will include theoretical, experimental, and applied research as well as case studies. Simulation-based studies for complex engineering systems emphasizing advanced numerical concepts are also of interest. Special emphasis will be given to papers on evolving areas in all major engineering disciplines related to various aspects of hazards, rapid assessment of current condition, and mitigation. The Journal is open to all engineering and science disciplines with ties to hazards, such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, systems engineering, earth systems engineering, geology, hydraulic engineering, offshore engineering, transportation engineering, aeronautical engineering, bioengineering, chemical engineering, geodetic engineering, information science, electrical engineering, physics, and mathematics. Topics of interest include but are not limited to hazard prediction, health monitoring, system identification, damage assessment, post-incident measuring and mitigation of damage, hazard warning systems, redundant and robust systems, load-tolerant and smart infrastructure, performance improvements, defensive and protective technologies, re-analysis and residual life-time analyses, life cycle cost analysis, risk management, sustainability assessment, deterioration modeling, risk updating methodologies, nondestructive inspection methods, earth systems, climate change, flood risk, debris flow, avalanches, and volcanic eruptions.

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