International Journal of Systems Simulation
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Frequency : Semi-Annual
ISSN : 0975-2080
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Instructions to the Authors

The International Journal of Systems Simulation is published multiple times a year which provides a forum for new developments and research in the theory and design of systems modelling and simulation using computers, this journal emphasis on the computer applications to real world problems. Some typical subjects covered by the journal include: systems modelling, simulation, and design; systems complexity and simplification methods; parallel and distributed computing; crossdisciplinary systems problem solving; and theoretical as well as experimental knowledge regarding various categories of systems, such as hierarchical, cellular, adaptive, self-organizing, learning, self-producing, intelligent, etc. All papers are subject to peer review before selection.

Instructions For Author:

1. Send your manuscript to the Editor-in-Chief by Email: Two MSWord or pdf files, one containing the complete paper; one containing the abstract only.
2. Illustrations should be high quality (originals unnecessary).
3. Enclose a separate page for (or include in the email message) the preferred author and address and email for correspondence.
4. The text should be machine printed, double-spaced (12 point or larger) and single-sided on 8.5 X 11 inch paper.
5. An informative abstract of 100-250 words should be provided.
6. References (alphabetized by first author) should appear at the end of the paper, as follows: author(s), first initials followed by last name, title in quotation marks, periodical, volume, inclusive page numbers, month and year.
7. Figures should be captioned and referenced.

Editor in Chief:

Dr YK Wong
Department of Electrical Engineering
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong

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