International Journal of Tropical Agriculture
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Frequency : Quarterly
ISSN : 0254-8755
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Instructions to the Authors

The journal publishes papers on fundamental, basic and applied aspects of tropical agricultue. The term “agriculture” includes the basic and applied science of soil and water management as well as crop and livestock production and management. Subjects covered in the journal include agricultural production, protection and basic sciences, and animal and veterinary sciences. Agronomists, plant, soil, animal, environmental and agricultural scientists and others working on problems of crop and livestock production, protection and management in tropics will find the journal useful. Of immediate relevance to agriculturists-both industrial and academic-this unique publication also has long-range value for the betterment or rural people in tropics. Contributions are welcomed from scientists all over the world, particularly those working in tropical and sub-tropical countries.

Hints for Writing a Scientific Paper

While writing a scientific paper, please take care of its language. As far as possible please remove its verbosity, circumlocution, redundancy and repetitiveness, and bring in it brevity, clarity, directness and simplicity. Above all it must be grammatically correct. Your paper must justify its various sections. Broadly speaking they should answer the following questions: (i) Introduction-Why did you start?, (ii) Material and Methods-What did you use and do? (iii) Results-What did you find?, (iv) Discussion-What do the results mean? and (v) Abstract-It must contain the essence of the introduction (the purpose of the study), the methods, the main findings (with specific results and their statistical significance) and main conclusions.

Instructions to Authors

The journal accepts manuscripts describing original work, not published else where All manuscripts will be pre-reviewed for quality and acceptability before publication. It will be presumed that the authors have obtained the official approval, wherever necessary, and the papers are understood to be offered to the IJTA exclusively. The responsibility for the statements, whether of fact or opinion, would rest entirely with the authors thereof.

The manuscript, typed in double space on one side of a good quality bond paper (30 cm × 20 cm) with CD at least 4 cm margin and thoroughly revised, should be sent in triplicate (the original and two copies) to the Managing Editor.

The sub-division of the articles into. Title, Abstract, Intruduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgements and References is recommended. The Results and Discussion often may be considered profitably into a single section. In addition, a short title should be provided on the title page.

The tables should be typed with double spacing on separate pages and should be provided with headings. The figures should be drawn in Indian ink, and the photographs should be of good quality. The legends for figures should be typed on a separate page.

The references should include the author’s name (surname precedes initials), year of latest edition of the world of the World List of Scientific Periodicals) volume number and the first and the last page numbers. The references to books in addition, should included the editor’s name the edition number, where appropriate and the publisher’s name and place.

Off Prints are supplied to the corresponding author at cost.

The typed manuscript, with CD after its through revision by the authors, should be sent in triplicate (the original and two copies) either to the Managing Editor, IJTA, Serials Publications, 4830/24, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi (India). Phone: 91-11-2324 5225, Fax: 91-11-23272135,


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