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Instructions to the Authors

THE EASTERN ANTHROPOLOGIST is a refereed, quarterly journal of the Ethnographic and Folk Culture Society. International in its character, content and coverage, The EA welcomes research papers, both empirical and theoretical, on themes and problems that are of interest to professional anthropologists pursuing different specialisations and methodological orientations as also to other social scientists. The contributions can be in the form of papers, shorter notes, review articles, book reviews, discussions, news relating to research and academic/professional for a, communications and rejoinders.

Manuscripts, in duplicate, should be typed double-spaced including notes on A4 bond paper, with a 5 cm margin on the left-hand side. Tables should be in separate pages at the end, numbered with headings. Within the text the tables should be referred to by their numbers. Use single quotation marks while quoting sentences or a single word/phrase and double quotation marks for use within single quotes. All words in languages/dialects other than English should be in italics or underlined by e-mail to the office of EFCS or any of the editors, followed by a hardcopy. The author may also send their articles on a floppy disk also for easier processing.

Bibliographic references should be cited in the text by author’s last name, date of publication and page, e.g. (Mathur 1960: 168) or if the author is mentioned in the text, by the date and page reference only, e.g. (1960: 168).

Notes and references should be typed double-spaced on separate sheets at the end of the article. Entries in the references should be in alphabetical and calendrical order by authors and should include surname and initials of author(s), date, title, and (for others) place of publication and name of publisher; for articles name of the journal in full, volume (Arabic numerals to be used throughout) and pagination. Examples are:


Majumdar, D.N. 1959              Caste and Communication in an Indian Village. Bombay:

.                                                    Asia Publishing House.


Mathur, K.S. 1961                    “Meaning of religion in Malwa village”. In L.P.Vidyarthi (ed.)

                                                    Aspects of Religion in Indian Society. Meerut: Kedarnath Ramnath.


 Dumont, Louis 1950              “Kinship and alliance among the Pramalai Kallars,”

                                                    The Eastern Anthropologist 4(1). 3-26.


Vidyarthi, L.P. (ed.) 1961         Aspects of Religion in Indian Society: Meerut: Kedarnath


A paper is considered for publication on the clear understanding that the author offers The Eastern Anthropologist an exclusive option to publish it and it is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. A declaration to this effect should accompany the manuscript. Title, author’s name, full address and brief biographical note should be given on a separate sheet.

Manuscripts not accepted for publication will be returned to the authors who enclose the cost of return postage.

Articles and correspondence for publication and books for review should be sent to the Editor, The Eastern Anthropologist, Ethnographic and Folk Culture Society, C-24, ‘K’ Road, Mahanagar Extension, Lucknow-226 006 (India), Phone and Fax: 0522-2372362, e-mail:



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