International Review of Atomic and Molecular Physics - IRAMP
Published By : International Science Press
Frequency : Semi-Annual
ISSN : 2229-3159
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Instructions to the Authors

We are very pleased to invite you to submit papers to the new journal “International Review of Atomic and Molecular Physics” (IRAMP). The journal will be published semi-annually. The publication should start in 2010.
IRAMP is a peer reviewed international journal that publishes high-quality review articles and also high-quality original research papers. Topics of interest are all areas of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical (AMO) physics in the broadest sense. They include not only traditional fields of AMO physics, but also areas having zero or little exposure by most of other journals on atomic physics. The latter areas include (but are not limited to) atomic processes in plasmas, plasma spectroscopy, astrophysical applications etc. Another distinctive feature of IRAMP is publishing more review articles than other journals on atomic physics.

The new journal will be published as hardcopies – not as an internet-type journal. In other words, it will be published in the traditional way – just like other reputable journals. The Publisher is “Serials Publications”. In addition to monographs/books, this Publisher specializes in publishing a large variety of research journals, all of them being semi-annual journals issued as hardcopies. The Publisher has dozens of years of the successful experience not only in publishing a large variety of semi-annual journals (as well as books), but also in marketing and distributing them.

All manuscripts should be submitted electronically to the Editors-in-Chief both in WORD and PDF formats. For further details please see “Instructions to Authors” and “Online Submissions” at:

Please circulate this Call for Papers among your friends and colleagues.

If you have any questions concerning the IRAMP, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Eugene Oks


Mitch Pindzola
E-mail: pindzola@physics.aubur

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