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2nd International Conference on Economics and Business Issues
Sponsored by: Indian Journal of Economics and Business, USA
December 19-20 2011, Hotal Hans, New Delhi (India)

After a very successful first conference at the same venue in 2009, IJEB and Serials Publications, New Delhi are happy to announce the next meeting in 2011.

To be Invited Speakers: Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Ex- Union Minister of Commerce, Government of India and Harvard Professor of Economics, Dr. Bimal Jalan, Ex-Governor, Reserve Bank of India, Dr. Y. V. Reddy, Ex-Governor, Reserve Bank of India and many other eminent scholars, academicians, business leaders and researchers. Invited speakers may address Luncheon meetings on the India specific topics.

Paper & abstract submissions: Deadline: May 1, 2011 and early submissions are encouraged. Full paper submission deadline: October 15, 2011. Registration deadline is October 31, 2011.

Research articles in the area of Economics and Business. The articles may deal in broad areas of branches of Economics such as Econometrics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Public Finance, International Economics, Development Economics, Mathematical Economics, Industrial Economics, Agricultural Economics, Economics of Education, Women Studies, Health Economics, Population Studies, Environment Economics, Applied Economics and Management Information Systems; Global Business; Marketing Theory and Applications; Accounting; Economics; Finance & Investment; General Management; General Business Research; Business & Economics Education; Production/Operations Management; Organizational Behavior & Theory; Strategic Management Policy; Labor Relations & Human Resource Management; Business Law; Public Responsibility and Ethics; Technology & Innovation; Public Administration and Small Business Entrepreneurship. Papers are also invited papers on teaching issues such as: curriculum, ethics in higher education, promotion and tenure, accreditation, teaching methods and styles, administration, technology in the classroom, faculty evaluation, and related topics.

Qualified individuals will referee papers submitted through a process of double blind peer review. Accepted papers will be published in 'INDIAN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS-ISSN: 0972-5784 (

Proposals for cases, workshops, symposia, colloquia, panels, tutorials on current topics of interest, and other special sessions are also invited. Manuscript for Submission: Papers must be written in English.

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