International Journal of Neural Networks and Applications
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Frequency : Semi-Annual
ISSN : 0974-6048
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Instructions to the Authors

International Journal of Neural Networks and Applications is an international journal appearing twice each year that publishes original research and review articles concerned with the modeling of brain and behavioral processes and the application of these models to computer and related technologies. Models aimed at the explanation and prediction of biological data and models aimed at the solution of technological problems are both solicited, as are mathematical and computational analyses of both types of models. International Journal on Neural Networks and Applications serves as a central, interdisciplinary publication for all researchers in the field and its editors represent a range of fields including psychology, neurobiology, mathematics, physics, computer science, and engineering.
Authors are invited to submit three hard copies of their manuscript + the file by e-mail or attached diskette to the editor-in-chief, at the address below. To defray the cost of mailing, manuscripts submitted for publication will not be returned to the authors.

Enclose a separate page giving the complete preferred mailing address of the contact author for correspondence. Please, include a telephone number, fax number and e-mail address.
The refereeing is done by anonymous reviewers.

All papers should be written in English, using LATEX. Please, avoid any nonstandard complicated definitions. For simplifying the reviewing process we request to send the file of the paper by e-mail. Please, avoid its partition to several files.

After the authors’ names and their full addresses, it is desirable to include an ABSTRACT which should not exceed 200 words. The authors should also include Key words (at most two lines). Footnotes may be included in the first page about supporting grants, presentations, etc. Footnotes on pages other than the first should be avoided. The width and the height of the final submitted version of the paper should be exactly 13.7 cm and 20.7 cm respectively. Formulas should be numerated from the right. Figures, pictures and other illustrations should be kept to a minimum, and should be produced on materials which are suitable for immediate reproduction via the camera-ready process.

References should appear in a separate bibliography at the end of the paper in alphabetical order. References should be complete, in the style of the following examples:

(book) T. Visnitin, Differential Models of Hysteresis, Springer, 1999.

(journal) T.Roska, L.O.Chua, D.Wolf, T.Kozek, R.Tetzlaff, F.Puffer,

Simulating nonlinear waves and partial differential equations via CNN- Part I:Basic techniques, IEEE Trans. CAS-I, vol. 42, N 10, pp. 807-815, Oct. 1995.

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