International Journal of Industrial Biotechnology
Published By : Research Science Press (India)
Frequency : Semi-Annual
ISSN : 2277-6109
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Instructions to the Authors

The “International Journal of Industrial Biotechnology (IJIBT)” is a peer reviewed international journal which is currently published bi annually by Serials Publications (, New Delhi, India. IJIBT aims to publish original research articles, reviews, letters to editors, book reviews, short communications, and industrial case studies in the area of industrial biotechnology. The IJIBT is aiming to network industries, research organizations and academics to disseminate and share knowledge of recent developments in the area of industrial biotechnolog
Scope of the journal is, but not limited to, new bioprocess and bioproduct development, up scaling of bioprocesses, environmental biotechnology, renewable bioenergy (biodiesel, bioethanol, biogas, biohydrogen), industrial enzymes, primary and secondary metabolites, biosynthesis of natural products, life cycle assessment, applied biochemistry, bioinformatics, bioprocess engineering, biochemical engineering and other areas of industrial and applied microbiology.

The articles/data submitted to IJIBT should not previously published in other journals and conferences (both print and digital) except as abstracts at conferences or should not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Authors should submit a signed deceleration letter in this regard. Corresponding authors must take consent of all co-authors for publishing the article. Authors should check for the plagiarism and verbatim before submitting the manuscript.

Guideline for paper submission:
Language of publication is English and all the articles submitting to IJIBT must follow the manuscript submission guidelines.

Manuscripts should be submitted online at

Manuscripts must be typed on A4 sized word processing document or PDF document with 2.5 cm (1 inch) margin on all four sides in double spaced, times new roman, 12 points with line numbers on the left side. All figures, graphs, photographs, artwork, line drawings should submit in JPEG, TIF and legible. Figures, tables need to include at the end of the text with appropriate mention in text at its first occurrence. Units must present in SI units.
Sections of the manuscripts submitted may follow Title, Authors, Affiliation, Address for correspondence, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction and/or theory, Experimental Procedure/Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions, Nomenclature, Acknowledgments, and References. Editors reserve the rights to instruct appropriate sections.
References: Authors should cite all the sources of their references in numbers in a square bracket and list all reference at the end in serial order. Reference should follow the following format
Journal article (Published): Xxxx Zzzz; Aaaa Bbbb; and Cccc Dddd, (yyyy), Title of the article, journal abbreviation as per SCI, vol, issue, page numbers as 000 -111
Journal article (In press): Xxxx Zzzz; Aaaa Bbbb; and Cccc Dddd, (In press), Title of the article, journal abbreviation as per SCI, if available give Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
Book: Xxxx Zzzz and Abc ddd, (yyyy), Title of the book (edition), Publisher with address.
Book chapter: Xxxx Zzzz, (yyyy), Title of the book (edition), Title of the chapter, Publisher with address, page numbers.
Conference Paper: XXXX Zzzz and Aaaa Bbbb, (yyyy), Title of the conference paper, Title of the conference proceeding, Location of the conference, page numbers.
Articles may be of any length but editors reserves the rights to instruct authors for appropriate size of manuscript during at any stage of publication. Editors reserve all rights to instruct authors appropriately.
All accepted papers are subject to copy editing before its final publication.
Further queries may be answered at

This publication contains information obtained from authentic and highly regarded sources. Reasonable effort has been made to publish reliable data and information, but the author and the publisher cannot assume responsibility for the validity of all materials or for the consequences of the use.
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