International Journal of Image Processing and Applications
Published By : International Science Press
Frequency : Semi-Annual
ISSN : 0975-8178
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Instructions to the Authors

International Journal of Image Processing and Applications (IJIPA) is a scholarly peer-reviewed international scientific journal which is published bi-annually. Image processing and applications is a very hot and important research topic and gain more attention by economy as well as society in recent years. The journal incorporate various advanced image processing and applications techniques of various integrated image processing and applications. The purpose of this journal is to provide an open forum to publish original high quality research papers in the area of image processing and  applications. The journal is expected to help researchers, technologists and policy makers in the key sector of Image processing and applications to enhance their understanding of it. The original manuscripts that enhance the level of research and contribute new developments to the image processing and applications are encouraged. The manuscripts must be unpublished and should not have been submitted for publication elsewhere. This journal therefore sincerely invites the submission of original manuscripts in the area of image processing and applications. These areas include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Image/Video coding and transmission
2. Image scanning, display and printing
3. Image video storage, retrieval and authentication
4. Image Processing Applications
5. Image Filtering and Enhancement
6. Image Restoration
7. Biomedical Imaging
8. 3D and Stereo Imaging
9. Artificial Intelligence Applications
10. Embedded Image processing systems
11. Color Reproduction
12. Image Representation and Rendering
13. Image Quality Assessment
14. Image processing algorithms and implementations
15. Real-time Image processing hardware and architecture

Instruction to Authors

Submit papers of length 8 to 30 pages, typed in double space with times New Roman Font, size 12, double column on 81/2X11 inch paper size with one inch margins on all sides, and should include a 50-200 words abstract, 5-10 key words.  To enable blind review, the names of the authors should be only on the first page.  Add a 1 paragraph biography of the authors on the first page. The title should be brief to aid indexing. The articles should include an abstract introduction, sub-headings, illustrations, conclusion and references. Figure should be legible and neatly drawn.

Copy-right form and revised manuscript need to be submitted for all the accepted papers, details of which will be sent after the review of the papers with reviewers’ comments. You may send one copy in the form of an MS Word file attached to an e-mail  to   Dr. A.V.Senthil Kumar, below, with an email copy only to:


Dr. A.V.Senthil Kumar
Professor & Director, Department of MCA,
Hindusthan College of Arts and Science,
Coimbatore-28. Tamilnadu. India.
Email :


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