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Journal of Proteins and Proteomics

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The most enigmatic and dynamic macromolecule that define living systems, Proteins, occupy a central place in biology being the indomitable workhorses in cells. Understanding their structure, deciphering their function, unraveling their folding mechanism, defining their interacting partners – protein by protein or of the proteome – presents daunting challenges. Whether the objective is to image the novelty and beauty of structure-function relationship and pathways of bioactive conformation attainment for purely academic aesthetics or use them for therapeutic intervention, the challenges are manifold and deserve heightened attention. Rapid success in the areas of health and medicine, agriculture and manufacturing would depend heavily on our ability to exploit the riches of “protein mines”.  For all those who dare to accept the challenges, who delve in the intricacies of protein mystery, who take pain to tame the wild, this journal is our tribute. This “protein-centric” research tabloid, the first of its kind in India, is to honour their timeless effort, is to create a platform to share their novel findings, to erect hypothesis for future introspection, to put together available knowledge in literature in a comprehensive manner and to build momentum to that monumental aspiration of being able to know all that there is to know about proteins. The aspiration may sound out of bounds in the current context, but why not atleast take the first step!   

It is our pleasure to invite you to submit original research articles, in-depth critical reviews, mini-reviews, commentaries, surveys, essays, opinions, insights and introspections in the area of Proteins and Proteomics for consideration and possible publication in the “Journal of Proteins and Proteomics”. The journal will focus on “proteins” and scope includes all facets of proteins and proteomics, like but not limited to, protein structure conformation and dynamics, protein-ligand or protein-protein interactions, protein folding, enzyme mechanisms and kinetics, protein models and predictions, physical properties and function, protein based diagnostics and therapeutics, protein engineering, protein expression and purification, whole proteome analysis, protein expression profiling, proteomics related to disease, proteomic analysis of cellular systems and organelles, methods and technologies related to protein investigations. Authors are requested to consult editor-in-chief, if in doubt about any aspect of scope, format or content of a proposed paper.

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