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International Journal of Pure & Applied Chemistry

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  • ISSN :- 0973-3876
  • Frequency :- Semi-annual

International Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IJPAC) is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed chemistry journal published by Global Research Publications. IJPAC publishes the results of original scientific research in all fields of chemistry science and focuses on new achievements in the pure and applied chemistry. Only new, previously unpublished results given in concise form will be accepted.

The journal is of interest to researchers at both scientific and research institutes, as well as the academic and research staff of universities.

The following categories of papers are open to submission: “Original papers” present original work in full detail. “Reviews” present a general survey of an outstanding subject in pure and applied chemistry. Book reviews are prepared at the invitation of the Book Review Editor.

In all submission to the journal, authors must address the question of how their proposed study compares with previously reported studies. Reviews are normally written by prior agreement of the editors. Potential authors are encouraged to discuss the subject of a proposed review by the editorial members. Reviews should provide the reader with expert opinion regarding the relative merits of the various published approaches to the topic under review.

The following topics have received special topics coverage in IJPAC: Production of chemical compounds and their interaction with the life and health sciences, material, environmental and earth sciences, and others.

In detail, IJPAC covers: Nanomaterials and nanosystems, Theoretical chemistry (quantum chemistry), Electrochemistry and biosensors, Relationships between chemistry and environment, and chemicals and medicine, Soil and plant chemistry, Organometallic compounds and complexes, Chemical synthesis and properties, Chemicals and biological matters, Supramolecular and Macromolecular chemistry, Polymer synthesis and properties, Chemistry and industry, Chemistry and biomaterials, Advances in chemical analysis, Instrumentation, Speciation, Bioavailability.

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