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Crime, Punishment, and the Law (An International Journal)

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  • ISSN :- 0973-5526
  • Frequency :- Sem-annual

The Crime, Punishment and the Law (An International Journal) is a peer-reviewed journal. Crime, Punishment, and the Law is a journal that is broad in scope but seeks to highlight multinational research related to crime and justice around the world. Specifically, the intent of this journal is to provide a comparative examination of policing, judicial, and correctional operations within the global community, while also focusing on various specialized issues such as crime prevention, peacekeeping efforts, transnational organized crime, terrorism, drug trafficking, multinational policy making, multinational legal analyses, as well as issues related to race and racial tensions in criminal justice settings. The topics just mentioned are by no means all inclusive, but instead demonstrate the breadth of issues that are covered by this journal.

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